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tv   America Live  FOX News  August 16, 2013 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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said it is a cross of a teddy bear and house cat and curious as well. there are 2,000 of them living together. >> what is better a teddy bear and house cat. >> got the claws though. >> great to work with you though. >> america lives starts right now. >> the fox news alert on growing concern about the potential of civil war in egypt bringing chaos to the larger mideast. welcome to america live. i am jamie colby. >> and i am greg jarret. we are in for megyn kelliy. we have videotape showing what life is like on the streets of egypt today. watch this. (gunfire)
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it is one horrifying scene after another and protestors marching and ducking for cover as shots ring out. so many people on the ground and armorred vehicles are near by. this is northeast egypt on a city on the west bank and suez canal and in the heart of cairo. (gunfire) heavy gunfire there breaking out and folks running for their lives and military helicopters are buzzing overhead.
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the latest violence comes as we learned that the situation is growing worse for egypt's christian population. islamist attack 50 churches there. one scholar said they may have seen the worst day of violence against egyptian christians since the 16th century. the orthodox pope there is in hiding. the violence unfolded on street level on wednesday. (gunshots) incredible video. said to be taken by a supporter of the ousted president morsi.
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folks are ducking and hiding behind walls and armored vehicles attempt to drive the protestors back. leland, what is the latest? >> greg, a curfew went into affect in the streets of cairo in the last couple of minutes. we have a live picture coming out of cairo from the may 15th bridge near ramsy's square. hundreds of people are out as they tried to set up a protest camp there. it is clear that the army means business. on the other hand the muslim brotherhood means business when they brought out a day of rage. gunshots are coming from both sides. muslim brotherhood who tried to storm a police station during the marches and also the army trying to move these folks out. the interior more thans said they authorized the use of live
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ammunition and have folks foured on if they approach police station and army and any type of security station. in cairo, the army is moving in tanks and a lot of ba rbed wires up and trying to restrict these people. greg? >> leland viter live in the mideast bureau. thanks. >> last footage shot by mike dean photographer for sky news, he was shot and killed in the first hours of the government's crack down, risking his life to show the world the battle for egypt. take a look at this. some of the dramatic picture. soldiers in riot gear advancing on protestors as they started the assault.
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gunfire crack leling through the streets. (gunfire) government forces unleashing an attack on morsi supporters and members of the muslim brotherhood putting down any challenge to their authority. he captured the voices caught in the line of fire. the morsi supporter venting his rage in the military. >> this is the killing us and we need to tell them we will not turn back. people want revolution and we will not stop until we turn back our president. and people are losing their minds and they are destroying and everywhere. kids, old people. there is nothing.
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>> sights and sounds of a bloody confront augz brought us by bravery of mike dean. two other journalist were killed on the first day of the crack down. an america's closest ally is watching the nightmare unfolding in egypt. the view from israel and how it sees the turmoil on its border. gregg? >> you are not reading about the government actually abusing these programs. and you know, listening in on people's phone calls and inappropriately reading people's e-mails. what you are hearing about is the prospect that these could be abused and part of the reason they are not abused is because the checks are in place. >> really? that was president obama reassuring americans that the national security agency was not
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listening to your phone calls or reading your e-mails. there is a bombshell new report directly challenging those claims and revealing that yes, according to an audit, it was snooping on you and eavesdropping on thousands of conversations. host of power play on fox chris, look. some of this was unattended and accidental but significant intrusions according to the audit were not accidental and equally disturbing was the effort not to report it and to cover it up. and a further effort to keep the judges and supposed to be supervising this completely in the dark. how troubling for this is president obama? >> big time. he is trying to be flip and he gave the first interview on the
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tonight show for goodness sake. we don't domestically spy. he waived away the concerns. the situation there is a growing coa ligon the left and right is concerned of the existence of the programs or of the misuse of the programs and what we saw reported in the washington post via edward snowden, is that abuse occurs and probably the most troubling in all of this is what we heard about the efforts to evade over sight and evade the court that is supposed to be that we heard that is the watch dog on this. so for the president, it is something more than a trip to jay leno's couch is necessary to talk to the american people about this. >> what is also troubling, the audit only involved one operating unit and there are a great many.
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2776 intrusions in one unit but for every intrusion could include thousands of intercepts of american's conversations and e-mails. you do the math. chris, you could be listening to millions of folks and yet you mentioned leno's couch, take a listen. >> we put in additional safe guards to make sure there is federal court oversight and there is no spying on americans. we don't have a domestic spying program. >> was the president dishonest or was he simply utterly uninformed and clueless? or sloppy and careless with the facts which some people say he is wont to do if >> how about clintonnian parsing? do you collect data? we are not authorized and
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answering the question and may be technically true and gives a misleading sense to the american people. gregg, this is a take away for the american people. if they are necessary. and the moment when american people are anxious about what the government knows about them and how they track them from the health records in obama care and phone calls, as americans become increasingly anxious, the president will have to confront the political base. abuses occur and say it is wrong and i am here to defend it. he can't wave it away. he will lose it and so will the successors. >> buried in the audit, one of the fisa judges found out about a program not disclosed to the court. it is violation of the fourth amendment of the united states constitution.
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stop it and best i can tell, there is no evidence that it was ever stopped. this thing is only going to grow and it is not a phony scandal, is it? >> 69 percent of americans as a matter of fact in the latest fox news poll said it is a serious scandal and not a phony scandal. and that is only ten points behind the list of benghazi. president learning to be out with it and take your medicine and admit mistakes and take the medicine and move on. slow walking it and hiding it, you get in more trouble. >> chris, thanks. >> you bet. >> now questions on whether one of the president's biggest health care promises is going bully up. planned parent hood received hundreds of thousands of federal money. we investigate. >> teen choice awards is the
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>> (inaudible) (gunfire) >> bringing you more of the new video from egypt as we get back to our top story on the bloody
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crack down in egypt at this hour. and what it means for israel. we wanted to look at that angle. israel is our closest ally and they are keeping a nervous eye on the deteriorating situation that is right on its border. the major concern that the turmoil could jeopardize the peace treaty that's been between the two countries plunge the two regional powers in a conflict. lisa is a middle east journalist and fox news contributor. thank you for coming in today. the pictures are troubling and death toll is rising and israel is watching. what should israel do. they are sitting back and watching approach. >> that's what israel does. it is the duck in the region and on the surface calmry waiting
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and seeing what is going on and obviously and observing and gathering the inteleigence. but underneath the surface being very much concerned. we have to look back in what the u.s. role is. why did we give aid to egypt 30 years ago? to maintain the peace accord with israel and support the military and have secower borders and keep al-qaeda out of the sina i peninsula and we have lost leverage of that. and president obama coming out yesterday and equating both sides and calling it a civil war because we condemn violence on the side of the interim government and condemn the violence of the muslim brotherhood. we are saying there are two equal sides in the case. we have to allow the government to become stable and get on its feet. >> that is clearly not happening at this point. i understand that aid to egypt
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is under review at this point. are we possibly aiding this as it gets so close to israel's border. >> it depends on how we define how it is and what is going on in the ground. it is not a civil war and a peaceful demonstration by people who wanted their president that has been ousted. this is insurgents on the ground and those camped out fall in two category. terrorist, muslim brotherhood and they are propaganda sa vvy and now how to stage a lot of deaths. >> they might be staged and people are losing their lives. and israel, as it watches and waits had supported the military that is now giving the military right to shoot anybody that attacks a police officer and government building. >> no one wants this to happen. the interim and military doesn't want this.
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none of the leaders currently want this. but the police being shot at and the churches burned down. 52 churches are burned down and no one is talking about this. muslim brotherhood are shooting at civilians and a 10-year-old girl shot walking home from a bible study. muslim brotherhood will shoot at innocent civilians that are not armed and they are armed and this is an insurgency. >> each is in a different area and rentalion. not just cairo. >> it is everywhere. christians are hiding at this point. could israel get dragged into this? because it is on the southern border that is close to the territory to israel. >> one silver lining to all of this, we have seen a friendship or a collaboration on the part of the interim government and israel in getting these influences out of the country
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and sina i peninsula where it would be dangerous. >> what if military loidzs. the relationship then what happens? >> it is not a civil war where the military can lose. they are more in number and they have the weapons and they have the support hopefully of other nations. and we are seeing a situation, where the saudis are throwing in money and kuwait throwing in money. the u.s. has to understand that the aid going into egypt will help the government to get back up on its feet and improve the economy and move forward. >> it looks to be a long way off. thank you for coming in. it is certainly a tense situation and it is growing by the hour. >> startling new revelation in a double murder and kidnapping case in the west coast. we'll show you what we learned
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from just released police documents on the kidnap of hannah anderson. and the hollywood heart throb getting attention for the advice he dealed out to kids on an award show. and new attention on the cyber crime as the miss teen usa nearly becomes a victim of extortion herself. the postal service is critical to our economy. delivering mail,
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medicine and packages, yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service and want to layoff over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem? a burden no other agency or company bears. a 2006 law that drains $5 billion a year from post office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. congress created this problem, and congress can fix it.
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>> fox news alert. left hand side of the screen. history in the people's house. there is solar panels being installed by work men in the white house. the president pledged to do this
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in 20 where are nine and happening today. it is part of an energy retrofit to improve the overall energy efficiency of the white house. it will help to demonstrate that historic buildings can incooper eight solar energy and energy efficiency upgrades. the fbi is reviewing a case of miss teen usa. the 19-year-old beauty queen said would- be crooks hacked in her computer and tried to blackmail her with what they tock. trace is following the story. not even safe to be a beauty queen. >> happen four months before she was crowned miss teen usa. she was notified by bock bock that someone tried to log in her bock bock account and she got an e-mail from a stranger who said
10:26 am
that he apparently hacked in her web cam and took private photos of herred in of her bedroom. authorities will not reveal what they show and on fox and friends casside described it this way. >> things in your room in the privacy of your own room that you never expect to be watched. you need to be careful pause you never know what they could do on line. >> the suspect promised to not make it public for a price. but the fbi will not say what they are seeking. >> the fbi identified a suspect in the case but so far no charges are filed and the name is not public. casside had no idea anybody was watching her because the light on her web cam never went on and now using her platform as miss
10:27 am
teen usa to educate students and say put a piece of tape or the web cam and make sure it is shut off and security functions are up-to-date. she is training to be a dancer and will attend the new york film academy in the fall. >> trace, interesting story, thanks, gregg? >> tone choice awards may be the last place to get a speech on conservative values. that's what ashton kutcher gave and we'll bring the remarks and you can decide. >> u.s. government releasing documents on the infamous area 51. have the famous myths surrounding the facility been solved? >> one of big promises may be going belly-up. we learn that planned parent hood clinics are getting funds.
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we'll investigate. >> the coverage for abortions would be man dated under reform and also false. when it comes to the current ban on using tax dollars for abortions nothing will change under reform. [ phil ] when you have joint pain and stiffness...
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>> bringing you a fox news alert from the fort hood trial powerful testimony and live video from one of the hero cops that took down major nidal hasan
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on the day of the shooting. officer kimberly munley race toth scene and jumping out of the her car and running toward the building. the people were running frantically away and there were shots fired and the camera goes down with officer needs help. officer munly gives testimony, powerful testimony and we'll update you as we learn more. insightful, powerful sound advice. those words are not typically associated with a hollywood's award show especially for tones. but this week actor ashton kutcher making waves offering advice. some call it advice kids can
10:33 am
use. >> i believe that opportunity looks a lot like hard work. when i was 13, i had my first job carrying shingles up to the roof and then job washing dishes and then in a grocery store dell dht i and factory sweeping cereal dust and never had a job in my life i was better than. i was lucky to have a job and it was a steppingstone until my next job and i never quit until i had a next job. tunes are like hard work. everything around us that we call life is made up by people that are no smarter than you. (applause) and you can build your own thing. you can build your own life and then other people can live in. build a life, don't live one.
10:34 am
build one. (applause) find your opportunity and always be zesty. i love you guys. nulars is a syndicated radio host with compass and benard a former clinton polster. is that a conservative message or sound advice that owes no political allegeiance. >> i have to tell you, god bless ashton for having a reagan like message and having it delivered by a young man to millions of americans. they wouldn't listen to an old guy like me. the mitted part left out stay sexy, he tells the kids whoso a lot of media to do crazy things to be sexy. being smart is being sexy and everything else is garbage and
10:35 am
that is a wonderful conservative message and belies a lot of the messaging we get from the other side of the aisle. >> about nard. opportunity locks a lot like hard work. one could argue that that is contrary to the entitlement mentality that is sometimes championed by liberals and democrats. >> i disagree. i think that kutcher's speech was personal hard work and american dream and the idea that conservatives have a lock on the values is absurd and with respect to sexy being smart i totally agree. you know what is not smart is waging a war on science which conservatives are doing claiming we are not responsible for climate and women and rape and gays can be cured none of that
10:36 am
is smart. >>ulars, we did a one hour documentary on food stamp abuse and people say why should i work when the government pays me not to work and that food stamp program was largely championed by democrats, so there is a political aspect to this that runs concontrary to kutcher's word. the president's message. you didn't build. it it is opportunities that member else did and you are getting opportunity as a gift and you owe them. and the other message, you want a phone, get an obama phone and vote for obama as the famous woman in the videotape said. told by democrats that having someone pay for food, phone and housing and education is a right and you have a right to demand it because it must be supplied by someone else.
10:37 am
ash ton said i carried shingles up to the officer. i did that also as a kid. it is hard work. it beloys the democrats policy of saying you want education, you don't have to work for it. someone owes it to you. benard you can't answer that. >> ashton talked about steve jobs and how people should not live inside of a life created by others. that is a definition of a progressive is fight for change and resist the status quo. and conservatives seem so obsessed with rolling back the clock and not living in the present but in the past and they fail to realize that the future is a head of us and not what lies behind us. >> it is the truth. >> benard, republicans talk early and often about free markets and hard work and perseverance and good ideas equals success.
10:38 am
you can hardly tag republicans with a different message. >> they want to preserve the status quo and that is not progress or change or being smart. >> where do we roll. what we say, you have equality of opportunity but not results. what democrats want to do in the government policies is preserve quality of results. there are plenty of young performers out there that would like to be ashton kutcher. nbenard, democrats make food stamps unlimited and they remove the work requirement as president obama did on welfare, doesn't that belie the message delivered to the teenagers. >> does people on food stamps. single mothers with a lot of koi kids and they fed their children. >> they decided to have those kids.
10:39 am
>> millions of our neighbors use them to get by in the last now years and now cheat just like rich people cheat on taxes doesn't mean it is wrong. >> gentlemen. it is ill advised. >> las and benard. good to so you both and good discussion. >> bless you in your confusion. >> la rs had to got in the last word. >> we have dramatic now details on the kidnapping of hannah anderson. evident found in released police documents that is shocking. and plus, it is the center of conspiracy threes and now for the first time what the government is saying about area 51. and new evidence that one of the biggest health care promises may be going out of the window, a big win fall for planned parent hood despite the president's health care promises
10:40 am
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every bed is on sale. queen mattresses now start at just $599. and save an incredible 40% on our limited edition memory foam mattress sets. only at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. there are new questions raised about president obama's health care overhaul as we find out planned parent hood clinics received throw 75,000 in federal funding to help sign up new members to the new health care coverage. critics immediately pointed out that the president pledged to never spend a single federal which on clinics that perform abortions and that promise is what secured the many critical votes that were needed including
10:44 am
michigan congressman bart stupack and came on america live and defended the deal. >> the excutive order that we negotiated with the white house, they have said there will be no abortions at the community health centers or paid for, and a number of other protections are in. and it is a good executive order and soon as the president signs it. it will have the full force and affect of law. >> what is to stop him from reverse himself on. this we have seen him reverse deals to get senators votes in connection with the bill. what is to stop him from reversing himself now that he has your vote. >> we asked for it to be public. and have a public signing of. it >> the senate deals were public, too. >> you are right, megyn, there is nothing to stop him a month or ten years from now from
10:45 am
repealing this executive order. >> maxwell is a strategist and contractor to and mark is a syndicated radio host. nmike, the critics came out and republicans are saying wait a minute, before you got the vote, you said no federal funding to clinics or health care facilities and afterwards you assured it would not happen. and it is big are than the 375,000 number. they get 67 million in the navigator funds to sign people up including planned parent hood. are they overreacting? >> let me tell you something, i try to anticipate what my friends on the left will possibly say to defend this a gregeous about that.
10:46 am
meg megyn pegged it. what would prevent president obama who is pro-choice and this is what is happening. planned parent hood is a largest abortion providers on the planet and now if it is it a dime of exchange money of our money to go to planned parent hood. he broke his promise and we are seeing the obama care come apart in the seems. it is comical were it not for the seriousness of talking about the lives of unborn babies. >> there is at least transparency. >> there is a hyde amendment that doesn't allow the funding to be used for abortion services. in this particular case it is to make sure people are informed about the services that are provided under obama care like mammograms and annual examines and birth control and things that people need and preventative health care
10:47 am
services. one in five people go for planned parent hood. no federal money goes to that. >> who is monitoring that. >> the government audit. nobama's government does. that is a problem. >> we look to the federal government to do that for all sort was the things in the past. part of it is speculation that manned parent hood is using federal money for abortions. >> let me ask you this. if you are insistent that big taxpayer money going to planned parent hood and you are so sure it will not be used for abortion, why you say you must agree. there is no provision other than the oversight you mentioned which the american people decide if they rely on the fact it is monitored. why not put in a specific provision to reassure americans that are not in favor of the
10:48 am
abortion. >> the hyde amendment is the law. if they use the money for abortions they are breaking the law. that is a law. they are using the money to make sure low income women can get health. >> we heard. that this is an administration that disdained for the rule of law. >> it is not. >> that is speculating. >> i am not speculating. excuse me, i am going back a week to when president obama huddled behind closed dors and exempt members of congress from the additional cost of obama care. that is illegal. >> that was not put in the bill on purpose. >> he's broken and he doesn't have regard for the rule. rowel of law. and with all due respect you are asking americans to trust the obama administration. >> no, i am asking that the
10:49 am
process of auditing works. >> what about the whole navigator money situation to seen people up? >> exactly. it is over sight when you are talking 67 million in the states that are getting money. >> they try to pars the advice of planned parent hood to give to women. they will not advise it is not >> it is a constitutionally allowed. you can be against. it >> don't ask me to pay for it. >> no one is. hyde amendment. you can't just say. it >> you expect the obama administration to monitor. >> we'll make a deal, leave it there and come back and so how it plays out and even if the lights stays on and staff stays on. we'll not be there to see it. >> she got feisty today.
10:50 am
>> go become to the greenroom with a great discussion. >> we need a camera in the greenroom. >> and republican national committee hilled a vote that could change the media landscape in a big way when we get to the presidential race in 2016. we are live on the top of the hour. and it has been the center of controversy, conspiracy theories for decades and now the government is spilling the secrets about area 51. we'll have it next. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews.
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you know what that one is from? think about it. it has been the subject of countless conspiracies and now the u.s. government is lifting the lid on area 51. but as it releases a trough of previous low-classified documents about the mysterious sight the myths around the facility has yet to be solved. trace is live in the west coast newsroom, trace? >> gregg, i was in local news and we talked to former employees and they confirmed for us the time that area 51 was the home base for the youtube spy plane and spy program. but the government like always would knock down those reports and so it is significant that the government is coming out saying area 51 was for black
10:55 am
projects. the deal with the youtube spy program, it went on for years and years and this 400 page report details it precisely. ine the three crashes they had in 1956. the u2 flew at 60,000 feet. and people saw them in the sky and the number of ufo reports sky rocketed and the government explained them away as a natural phenom nan. remember this from the movie tone? >> they are seeing flying saucers. dicks flying through the air. is there something to it or an epidemic of people just seeing things? >> just an epidemic of seeing things. they were called black projects by the way because there was no congressional oversight for the funding or accounting for the funding. area 51 is in the middle of the
10:56 am
nevada desert and near las vegas. that's the map of it and it doesn't show much. they had to entice the engineers and they called it paradise ranch. employees were floun out and floun back on friday afternoon. parts of the documents are redakted and so we don't know about the ufo's and alien autopsies that may have been done there. but now we know even if they were done, the government would have hush- hushed them out there, gregg. >> et could be there and maybe et didn't phone home at all, trace? >> maybe not. >> trace, thank you very much. >> a girl rescued a multistate manhunt is making first appearance. we are extensive amount of communication between her and the man accused of kidnapping her and murdering her mom and brother.
10:57 am
>> we're hearing troubling claims now about the government possibly listening to americans' phone calls even more. we will have the latest into the investigation of the nsa and what the loss of privacy means to you.
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we start this hour with a fox news alert what may be the fist major conflict of the next presidential campaign. it is here already because the rnc is threatening to blacklist two major networks unless they change their ways. welcome, everybody to "america live." i'm jamie colby. >> i'm gregg jarrett. right now, the summer meeting of the republican national committee, rnc, under way in boston, the committee voting to hold cnn and nbc accountable if they indeed go through with plans to air films on the life of hillary clinton. the former first lady senator secretary of state and now early front-runner for the democratic
11:01 am
party's nomination for president in 2016. rn krr rnc chairman reince priebus getting a standing ovation today. >> we said to the media with a united voice that a network that spends millions of dollars to spotlight hillary clinton is a network with an obvious bias. that's a network that won't be hosting a single republican primary debate. [ applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> sean spicer joins us, communications director for the republican national committee. sean, thanks for taking a few moments. i wonder if the republican party is being my oppic here. there are a lot of independent voters who consistently watch those two television networks and by foreclosing republican debates on them, aren't you
11:02 am
eliminating those as viewers and that's what you want to do, isn't it, you want to not limit your base but expand your base. >> absolutely, greg. at the same time we don't want to commit political malpractice and say networks that tip the scales in elections should be rewa rewarded by being actively involved who we choose as our party's nominee. this was the first step reclaiming the debate process, deciding who the moderators and networks and number of debates will be. we will let the networks know if they want to be actively engaged in helping one particular candidate on the other side we will not utilize them. there are various other way, conservative talk radio, internet, bloomberg, you can go down the list. cnn and nbc are not the end all. >> you're not really answering my question. the demographic information is
11:03 am
published, you can look at it. you can see a great many independe independents look at those two networks and almost exclusively some of them so you're foreclosing reaching out to independents your party desperately needs. >> greg, i would turn this back for a second and say we basically said -- we actually said to nbc and cnn, you guys have be-it's your call. you want to be part of this process, don't do this. they've chosen not to -- so far at least go forward with this. we need to draw a line in the sand somewhere. this is the first step in that. i don't think they are the be all end all of networks. we have plenty of opportunity to get the word out during our primaries who our candidates are and their views and allow our grassroots to more actively participate in the debate process. >> fair enough. let me take a different tact. aren't you also making an enormous assumption that these will be flattering portrayals of hillary clinton, when in fact
11:04 am
cnn has picked charles ferguson, the oscar winning documentarian, who did that incredible critical takedown of wall street? this could be a takedown of hillary clinton, for all you know. arguably, there's a lot to take down from some of the scandals that infield h that enveloped her when she was first lady to benghazi that still haunts her from her watch as secretary of state. aren't you assuming this would be a complementary documentary when in fact it might be just the opposite? >> it would if i hadn't -- if the past was any indication. republicans never come out looking good in these an democrats seemingly always come out locking really good, whether it's anything hollywood does in terms of documentary, min any series, movies. i think most conservatives are fairly skeptical this would do anything that would in the end
11:05 am
benefit her. what most candidates want is that opportunity to tell their story and challenges they face. the way i would end it, greg, what's this rush? if she doesn't run for president or does and comes up short, we'll have plenty of time insects clinton's life to put those documentaries together. why is there such a rush by nbc to go out there and do a four-part mini series on her when she has plenty of years left and plenty of things to do. >> sean spicer, communications director for the rnc. thank you very much. now to howard kurtz, fox news media analyst. >> my own preference would have some debates on the food network with a cooking competition build in. you nailed it in your first question to rnc chairman sean spicer this is really a short-sighted sel destructive move for the rnc, sure, great meat for the base but a lot of
11:06 am
independent viewer, as you pointed out do watch those networks. the back story, rnc wants fewer debates, makes sense. the process got out of control and everybody got sick of it and candidates got beat up agent and again. if all the candidates end up on fox that might be good for this network but not good for the republican party. >> their reaction is understandable, when you for example look at the head of nbc bob green blat's comments, means their mini series will be very flattering. he said, quote, i think she's one of the most fascinating women of our time and this world. howie, she was sort of gushing like a betwetweenage girl when said it. does lead you to believe it's a flattering portrayal. there are a lot of ways to describe hillary clinton. i'm not sure why fascinating will be one of them. >> people will watch and why networks are doing it to mine
11:07 am
the ratings. cnn points out the script hasn't even been written for its documentary. while i think this is not a wise move for the republican party, this has been a debacle for nbc, msnbc and cnn because it does look like they're runnisupport hillary clinton and there's been an open debate by chuck todd and others and they will be blamed by viewers and get tarred with that same brush. >> kurtz, thank you. >> same here. fox news alert out of egypt where we're seeing some stunning new images. this is the chaos right now in cairo. pictures are hard to believe. we think they're muslim brothers going from attacking the military to doing anything they can to escape that military
11:08 am
gunfire. take a look. there are so many in harm's way, the so-called may 15th bridge has been the scene of a dramatic confrontation. this is new coming as the muslim brotherhood calls for a full day of daily protests instead of the so-called day of rage we started with today, that's what they had been promoting. at least 37 people have been killed so far just this afternoon as tens of thousands of pro morsi supporters have taken to the streets in response to a police crackdown earlier this week that left more than 600 people dead. think fox news alert.
11:09 am
some very eye catching new details emerging in the kidnapping that sparked a multi-state manhunt. rescued teenager hannah anderson made her first public praerapp e appearance, the 16-year-old attending an event in lakeside where she lived with her mother and brother before they were killed by james dimaggio and their bodies killed in his home. as we learned about a long list of other items detectives uncovered including letters to dimaggio from hannah. trace gallagher puts it all together from our west coast newsroom. these are chilling details. >> they really are. that fund-raiser you talked about we first thought hannah anderson would come out and address the media. that's what we were to tell. it turned out only to be her dad. here's part of what he said.
11:10 am
>> hannah sends her love. she's doing good day-by-day. we'll just keep moving forward from here. right now, she's with her family and, of course, with some friends and she's just happy to be here. >> but the questions are piling up in this investigation including the exact relationship between the man, james dimaggio and the anderson family. what was that relationship. we know in the hours before dimaggio kidnapped hannah, the two spoke on the phone 13 times. it's unclear who called who but we know dimaggio often took hannah to cheerleading practice and day trips to places like malibu. now, we're learning on dimaggio's property, items were found the sheriff says they cannot talk about, including letters from hannah. there's also indications this crime was well planned. police found, and listen to this list, incendiary device, arson wire, connectors as well as
11:11 am
ammunitions, gas cans. they also found a yosemite camping printout, camping gear, backpack with telecommunications supplies, handcuff boxes. police also took away evidence like a baseball bat and crowbar that may have been used on the other victims. also inside, christina anderson's car, they found a dna testing kit. again, police will not say exactly what they believe the link is here, but, clearly, as they delve into these investigations and more of these search warrants become public we get a lot more questions being raised about this crime. >> she's so lucky to be alive. thanks so much, trace. >> troubling developments in the investigation into nsa spying suggesting the obama administration has not been telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. up next, a lock at the latest drama and what happens when we lose our privacy. also, a star paralympic
11:12 am
athlete is barred from competition by an international committee because she isn't, they say, disabled enough. she is fighting back.
11:13 am
11:14 am
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♪ visit to learn your risk. the white house is staying mum on new reports that the nsa has broken privacy rules or overstepped its legal authority thousands and thousands of times since 2008 result ing the unauthorized surveillance of u.s. citizens. wendell goler is live in martha's vineyard where the president is on vacation. wendell. >> reporter: greg, so far, the white house is referring questions to the national security agency which says it sometimes makes mistakes but there are a small percentage of phone calls and e-mails the agency tracks. washington reporter broke the story based on 2012 internal nsa audit leaked to him by edward
11:16 am
snowden who was granted asylum in russia. not all the improper information collection is a mistake. >> they're accidental but a lot of people are being found to not be exercising due diligence, some knowingly violating standard operating procedures and in a few cases, serious violations of law. >> the audit also indicates the nsa decided not tell its oversight staff about some mista mistaken data collection and members of this congressional oversight committees get much less detail than was contained in the leaked audit. california i diane fin dianne fs they should do more and verify tha nsa's operations are appropriate. patrick leahe promised they will hold hearings in response to the report. and nsa michelle richardson says the audit shows that american
11:17 am
liberties aren't working. >> for months the obama administration has told us there are secret oversight mechanisms we don't have to worry about this broad collection of american information. this is more evidence those secret programs with secret oversight are failing. >> in a separate article, "washington post" reporter interviewed the chief of the fisa court who said he doesn't have the means to fact check the government's requests for surveillance warrants. >> wendell doler, live in martha's vineyard. thanks. dennis kucinich is a senator from ohio and fox news contributor. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> the critics want to know how can you defend this thousands of times and still call it inadvertent, which is what they're arguing. can you? >> doesn't pass the smell test.
11:18 am
it's time the government stopped the spying and stopped the lying. the american people haven't been given the straight story from our government about this right from the beginning. our constitution is being attacked. our fourth amendment rights are being annihilated, has effect on first amendment and self-censorship has occurred and people worried about saying things or putting things on the internet that might cause the government to look over their shoulder. this is not the america most of us grew up and believe in. we really need to change this and not just talk about it. >> the argument you're making, it's fascinating because peggy noonan in a wall street article she had written also says privacy lost today, right of free speech tomorrow. is that where we're headed zbl snoorchts peggy noonan's article is worth reading by all americans. it hits the nail right on the head. what we're being told right now in this time and place we don't have any expectation of privacy. yet privacy is a fundamental human right. it doesn't come from the
11:19 am
government. it's not the government that gives us the right of privacy. we have that before the government is established. we have to ask ourselves whether or not our government has gotten so far away from the people it doesn't enunderstand some of the basic principles on which this particular government was formed. >> i want to ask you this, congressman, the agency argues they're run by humans and this is human error. when you're talking about a security agency and our national security, should we not have the very best humans you can find and strict guidelines that make sure that our privacy isn't obstructed? it is a tenant, as you say, we all hold very valuable. >> we're all human and we accept that. this is a question even deeper. are these humans who read the constitution of the united states, who understand the fourth amendment against unreasonable search and seizure. do these humans understand the first amendment from which all
11:20 am
these other rights are protected. it's not adequate to accept the nsa's explanations. but they don't make the final call. this final call is made in the white house. the president cannot settle this with jay leno on "the tonight show". he has to come before the american people and say what he's going to do about stopping this overreach by the government into the private lives of the american people. it's time we reclaim the country we know and love. it begins with affirming the basic principles in the constitution, and our president has to firmly stand on the side of that, not with words, not with fancy speeches but with actual executive action that strongly constrains the activities of the national security agency. >> i hear what you're saying and i hear what you're calling for. they are tasked with protecting our privacy and government at the same time rooting out terror and national security threats. but i'm wondering the thing that troubles lawyers, like myself,
11:21 am
is the fact that they went on with methodology for a period of time without advising the fisa court also responsible for overseeing their methods and then came later, by the way, we're doing it this way and it was ruled unconstitutional. for the type of transparency and enforcement you want, when is it going to come and who has to call for it? >> what you just described is an obstruction of justice that occurred within the system. the subversion of the fisa court and their oversight responsibiliti responsibilities, this is something very serious. when is it going to come? that's a question the white house has to answer. nsa is -- cannot be a law up to itself. they keep congress in the dark, keep fisa in the dark and either the white house is in the dark or it's complicit with what the nsa is doing. >> i'm glad you're raising the issue and the call to action. congressman it's good to see you, former democratic congressman, dennis kucinich. welcome to the team, sir. >> thank you.
11:22 am
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welcome back, everybody. it's such a special sell precipitation for an american icon today as we look back 70 years. think back to 1943. america was in the midst of the second world war and the us in trepid was commissioned sent to take over the japaneseavy and by war's end shoot down over 300 aircraft and sink 120 ships,
11:26 am
quite a record. today, the intrepid is in the new york city's west side and they're celebrating 70 years, welcoming back, as you sheer, nearly 300 former crew members. we honor them today. 18-year-old victoria arlen lost the ability to use her legs when she was 11 years old but never aloud that to overcome her. eventually becoming one of the best paralyzed swimmers in the world. now, she is being banned from the upcoming world championships because officials say her condition is not permanent. trace gallagher has more on this in los angeles. trace. >> imagine, greg, being banned because the chance, the off chance you might walk again. victoria arnold was 11 years old and came down with flu-like symptoms and turned out to be a virus that attacked her spine. she went into a coma for three
11:27 am
years and when she woke up she was paralyzed from the waist down and got into the pool two years later and became one of the best physically challenged swimmers in the world and won gold last summer. the went do johns hopkins recently to make sure she wasn't getting worse. she's not getting better but doctors say some day she might. turns out getting better is against the rules. the international paralympic committee saying its report, assessment and diagnosis failed to provide sufficient evidence of an eligible impairment leading to permanent or verifiability activity limitation therefore the athlete has been found non-eligible to compete in the ipc swimming competition. victor victor victoria's family and coaches are all furious. her dad says this kid has trained seven days a week for years and now she is being railroaded out.
11:28 am
victoria says she feels like she's being banned because she hopes to walk again. here she is earlier on f"fox & friends." >> there's hope for pretty much everyone. i'm a very hopeful person. if i didn't have hope i wouldn't be here today. there's a chance for everyone with a lot of rehab and different technologies that are coming out for spinal cord injurie injuries. >> we should note the games in montreal are under way right now so it's too late for these but she is continuing her fight and critics sabaning her is like banning a junior olympic kid on the prospect that they might some day become an adult. >> we hope she does some day walk but until then she should be allowed. all right. trace gallagher. thanks very much. jamie. on another note, growing worries about the environmental protection agency's new plans to get this, bypass congress, and go ahead with the president's new climate change rules. we will look at the effect this could have on americans from
11:29 am
coast-to-coast. that's coming up. a day of anger, turning deadly yet again on the streets of egypt. what does it mean for america if he egypt sinks into a civil war like syria? that question straight ahead. right now, 7 years of music is being streamed. a quarter million tweeters are tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterprise. together. it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convennt two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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it remain as hugely important and developing story out of cairo, egypt. a city once a top destination
11:33 am
for tourists and now the scene for running gun battles and armored vehicles. this scene was a result of deadly clashes between security forces and the muslim brotherhoods. dozens of people killed across the country and now brotherhood members are calling for a week of nationwide matches originally scheduled for just today. leland vitter with much more. >> reporter: the day of rage certainly lived up to its name. going forward, you can imagine how bad the rest of the week it going to be. live pictures back to cairo. that is the ramsey square and the road from the airport where that building is burning, just one of the many sites burned, destroyed, looted by muslim brotherhood protesters as they took to the streets. we have video we want to show you earlier of running gun battles both sides armed with ak-47s. hearing not only the folks
11:34 am
attacking muslim brotherhood in terms of the police, looks like it actually was started today by the residents themselves. a number of residents in cairo who are very very angry over the amount of violence gone on, angry at the muslim brotherhood and flashes erupting throughout the country, alexandra and a number of cities as police took their positions on upper parts of the building and tried to keep calm and fired tear gas. neither side is backing down. that's what's really important to keep in mind. the army has said they will use live ammunition. the police will shoot to kill to keep people from either raiding, ransacking or attacking government buildings which appears to have happened in each one of these cases. on the other hand, the muslim brotherhood said they're willing to die rather than leave the streets, which is exactly what happened today. >> we'll check back with you. thank you so much, from our middle ea
11:35 am
mideast bureau. as the violence spreads, there are concerns egypt could become the new syria and what would that mean for the united states and other super powers around the globe. joining us, reporter and fox news contributor. and the ceo of concerned veterans for america. general tom mcinerney is the sta assistant chief for the air force. general, egypt an important peace partner serves as a buffer in the region. what happens to israel and its commitment to defend israel under any circumstances if he egypt devolves into the kind of civil war syria is experiencing? >> well, look, greg, that is a might mayor scenario. what people must understand is this fight between muslim brotherhood, who are radical islamists and the military and
11:36 am
secular elements in egypt is a fight for the whole middle east. if the radical islamists win, the muslim brotherhood, the whole middle east will go in that direction. it is an insurgency by the muslim brotherhood. it would close the panama -- the suez canal, it would have a tremendous impact on the israeli peace treaty because they will break it just like morsi was about to do and it would be the most horrific situation in the middle east we could ever envision. it would spread through the whole middle east. >> judith, you've reported from israel, have great contacts there, written extensively, would you agree with the general? >> i really wouldn't. i think the military's action this week is aimed at making sure that the nightmare scenario he describes does not develop. i think the fact that about 70% of the egyptian people support
11:37 am
the crackdown. they want to return to normalcy. i think that bodes well for what is, i understand, a very difficult situation. it's particularly difficult to watch, when we see people being shot at. but what wae're not seeing is te 39 churches that were burned down by muslim brotherhood supporters. this is a fight that the egyptians must wage. we are peripheral to it. >> no due nunsiation about those attacks on christians and churches from president obama which is pretty stunning given all his other remarks. pete, what about the sinai, the other part of the equation, anarchy is prevailing, jihadists of all stripes are increasing their control there. obviously, it's important to israel, and i note parenthetically, that an israeli, suspected israeli drone strike took out a couple of al qaeda leaders there. what about that part of the
11:38 am
equation? >> sure. we know where vacuums are created. that's what al qaeda and those like them like to go. we've seen it in yemen and hills of pakistan and elsewhere. sanna is one of those places because the morsi government decided decided to cre decided to cede it and when the military took over, they are paying attention to the sanna and cess pool of radical islamists it has become and depending how egypt slide, if it does slide more into the chaos. i tend to believe the egyptian military is extremely capable well supplied, if they want to finish this, they could, they're reacting to public pressure and rightfully so. these are not just innocents of the muslim brotherhoods being killed, we talked about burning churches and they're fighting
11:39 am
back. >> once elected, the muslim brotherhood did their best to dismantle democracy and insert their power. the muslim brotherhood will not stand down says most experts. they must be put down. it may not be pretty. do you agree? >> i do. by the way, judith, i agree 100%. you must have misunderstood what i said. i said in case it became chaos. i don't believe it will. the fact is whether it's 70%, 80% or even 90% of the people in egypt do not want to have the muslim brotherhood, 18 million people in the streets, there's no question the muslim brotherhood this time is not going to stand down, and if we don't back the military and be it covertly, and there will be people killed because the muslim brotherhood wants this to be a fight to the death. so it's imperative we support the military and the secular
11:40 am
elements because a stable egypt is absolutely vital for the whole region. >> judith, i have less than a minute. the right decision by president obama, yes, he denounced the violence but he didn't cut off the aid because he recognized we have a long term strategic interest in egypt. >> i think that was the right decision. it's very difficult to watch more than 600 people be killed. the fact of the matter is, egypt has -- has a bulwark for us in that region and that makes us, at the moment, unpopular with all sides. but i think obama was right. >> judy miller, pete, general tom mcinerney, thank you for being with us. some new focus, greg, on another executive order as the epa doubles down on the president's plan to crack down on climate change rules with an end run around congress. what this means for americans, jobs and more across our
11:41 am
11:42 am
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
11:43 am
11:44 am
a focus on the head of the epa as she publicly mulls an end run around congress. the agency moving to fulfill president obama's pledge to push his climate change agenda with or without the consent of lawmakers. doug, live in washington. >> good afternoon, greg. president obama said earlier this summer he would not wait for congress to act on climate change. if there was any doubt he really meant it, epa administrator mccarthy said it this week. >> he said he wasn't going to wait for congress and he had administrative authorities and it was time to start utilizing those more effectively in a more con sertive way. >> even some critics are applauding the administration's strategy of bypassing congress. listen up. >> there's no way the american public would support an u.n.
11:45 am
treaty or climate bill and why the obama administration is being strategically brilliant behind a nameless facely agency in washington. >> maybe not. a federal judge dealt a potentially big blow to the epa in a suit, he ruled the responses to requests seeking information about alias e-mail accounts epa officials use quote contain numerous inconsistencies and reversals which undermine confidence in their truthfulness. now, two members of congress have written epa administrator lisa jackson demanding all her personal e-mails the last four years that relate to her officials duties. they say they were overwhelmed with e-mails but cpoliticians believe they were meant to hide information. and the administrator said they
11:46 am
will toll rate no dissents about climb change. >> i hope there are no deniers in the department of the interior. >> they're saying if you are a global warming skeptic and work for the obama administration either by appointee or civil service you better keep your mouth shut and not express your views. >> dissent is coming prompted in part by the fact that global temperatures have stalled. >> it does raise a bigger question about what the epa's plans to skirt congress on this means for american workers. dan henninger is the editorial editor of the "wall street journal." julian epstein, former staff director for the house government reform committee. gentlemen, welcome. >> good to be here. >> thanks for having us. >> what does it mean for the indust energy industry in general if the president does this without congress? >> it's been commonly called the
11:47 am
obama war on coal. it would basically mean the end of the utility industry that depends on coal and the idea is transfer them turnover part coal and part gas. coal fueled utilities would basically be put out of existence. this creates tremendous political problems. you have a lot of coal either being used or produced in states all across the midwest and in the south. you're talking about a lot of employment in those utilities. gina mccarthy, the epa administrator says it's a false choice between economic growth and climate control. but she's given no evidence whatsoever that there is -- that the epa can avoid massive layoffs across the electric utility industry if they pursue this war on coal. >> julian, before you answer that question or see that impact, do you have to really take a closer look whether or not climate change exists. the president is insisting as the epa director, the time to
11:48 am
act is now because these emissions are increasing. he recently said in the last ten years it's increased to levels where action is necessary. some argue, critics argue, it's a weather anomaly, it's not climate change and actually the numbers have remained fairly stable. >> actually we've seen emissions increase 3% in this last year, 2000 to 2010 was the hottest decade on record, 2010 was the hottest year on record. the national academy of sciences, the most prestigious scientific body in the world says 97% of global climate change experts are in agreement that climate change is created by humans and that it has potentially catastrophic effects and we need to act now. that's point one. point two is i would disagree with the setup piece that says this is an end run around congress. in 2007, the bush administration was slapped down by a very conservative supreme court that said they failed, the epa failed
11:49 am
to act under the clean air act to reduce carbon emissions. when the obama administration issues regulations for automobiles, a very conservative circuit court affirmed those regulations in very very strong terms. here, it seems to me, what the administration is doing is one fully within their statutory authority. i suspect there won't be -- there may be a challenge to the regulations if they're adopted, i suspect they will be successful and, two, i disagree about dan's data of chicken little sky falling predictions on what the impact will be on cole zbloounchts let me -- secondly -- if i can finish this point really quic y quickly. secondly, there's an enormous amount of evidence that shows that the new generation of clean coal is not one where the industry is going but will create jobs. >> the epa itself says greenhouse gas emissions have risen only 1% since 2005.
11:50 am
dan, why don't you weigh in on julian's disagreement with your argument? >> the point of his argument we really like to disagree with, i think it is an end run around congress. pie this lod by this logic, they could have implemented the healthcare act. and he announced a climate action plan. that is an enormous reorganization of the energy industry and an enormous reorganization of the large part of the american economy. that should be sent through congress but they won't do that because there are too many democratic senators from the coal-producing states that won't vote for it. that's the system that the founding fathers set up. the founding fathers did not create a parliamentary system or a monarchy. >> that's why we're raising the issue. julian, i am against a hard break. we presented both sides. it's a big issue and we'll follow it. thank you both very much.
11:51 am
we'll be right back. stay with us. with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve limited reward here's your wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? [ crows ] now where's the snooze button?
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11:54 am
>> we're getting an inside look at the mansion that once belonged to versace. the house where he was shot and killed just outside in 1997, and now it's up for auction. bids will begin at $25 million, but with ten bedrooms and 14 carat gold lined pool, hey, it's likely worth even more. phil keeting is live from miami beach, florida. phil? >> greg, inside the gates, one thing exudes. the word rich. you have to be superrich to get in on this auction. the location here on ocean drive, world famous in south beach of the superrich, and
11:55 am
beyond the tourists gathered their take photographs, over there is the beach. >> the password is, i've got money. loads of it. $25 million is the starting bid for next month's public auction of the glamorous and historic versace mansion. >> this property is one of the most iconic properties worldwide. it is real estate's mona lisa. >> and art is everywhere. this is the master suite bedroom with the beyond king-size bed and alcove. he designed this bedroom for himself and his famous friends like elton john and ma -- madonna. is in is her room. >> inside a sense of seclusion, and the pool party potential, come on? 54 feet along, thousand imported mosaic tiles, including 24 karat
11:56 am
gold inlay. >> the mansion is infamous where in 1977 versace was shot and killed on this front steps. >> a lot of people with high egos and a lot money, sky's the limit. >> you can see on top of the roof you have your own observatory, if you have some extra cash after you bid, you can buy a telescope. to get into the auction you have to put down a deposit of $3 million and show proof you have $40 million in capital ready to hand over just in case your bid is the winning bid. greg? >> you look very comfortable and at home there. phil keeting. >> you're right. i belong here. >> it's yours. give it a hug. >> we'll all chip in, five bucks, five bucks, five bucks. >> phil kate, mr. white linen.
11:57 am
we'll be right back. [announcer] there's no hiding the goodness of the latest from beneful baked delights. new heartfuls are made with real bacon... ...and oven-baked to crisp perfection.
11:58 am
new heartfuls from beneful baked delights.
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12:00 pm
>> greg, i al see you. keep an eye on egypt. >> "studio b" begins now. >> the news begins anew on "studio b." the latest nsa leak is a bombshell. we're now learning the government's broken the rules on spying again and again. thousands of times per year. but officials have at the national security agency say, mistakes happen. don't worry about it. another bloody and deadly day in egypt. we'll show you how the gunfire got so intense it forced people to jump off a bridge. and lou should the white house handle this mess now? plus, listen to this. a new study is out that shows lap computers actually hurt kids' grades in school. it finds that students who use pencil and paper get higher marks. the reason for


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